vanilla bean valentines cake



Are you looking to treat yourself or a loved one for Valentines Day? Well, this cake will do the trick! Its very simple and comes out delicious every time. All you will need is:

1 box of white cake mix

4 egg whites

1/3 cup of oil

1-1 1/3 cups of half and half

1 vanilla bean

1 tsp. of vanilla extract

food coloring


1 block of cream cheese

2 sticks of butter

1/2 a bag of powdered sugar (I usually eyeball it!)


In a kitchen aid or with a hand mixer, beat the cake ingredients together, once the batter is mostly smooth, prepare your pans. I used this great Wilton set that came with 5 six inch mini pans specifically made for stacking. You can use larger pans, you’ll just have to bake in segments and either lightly fill the pan or double the recipe. Once the batter is evenly disbursed, start adding in your food coloring, so each layer is slightly darker than the rest. If you are using the Wilton food coloring gel, be very careful- not only will it dye your skin, but it will get very intense very quick!

Follow the baking instructions from the box for the cakes, although you may have to alter your times depending on what size you choose. While the cakes are baking, mix together your frosting. Make sure that the cream cheese and butter are softened, and beat them together with your powdered sugar. If you’d like to keep the vanilla flavoring strong you can also add a splash of vanilla extract.

Make sure the cakes are completely cool before you start layering and frosting them! Once they are good to go, choose the plate you’d like to serve it on and draw a small circle of icing onto the plate with frosting. You don’t need to use a ton of frosting for this- it’s just to help ‘glue’ the cake down. As long as you greased your pan well, it should easily pop out of the pan. once you put your first layer down, add as much or as little frosting as you’d like, and repeat! One thing you may have to do it cut a little bit of the top of each layer off if it puffed up and created a dome shape while baking.

Once your layers are all together you can frost the outside! There’s a lot of creative freedom with this one- I chose to keep the frosting plain white and then add some pink detailing and sprinkles. I’ve seen similar cakes made with the frosting ombrè-d as well so that’s another great idea!







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