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This is my second year living in this apartment. When I first moved in, I thought it would be impossible to make it seem home-y; it was stark, boring, and just blah. Slowly I’ve been collecting things to improve how the kitchen looks and functions! The first thing I did was go to Ikea and buy a huge worktable- this doubles as extra counter space and a table to eat at. For photography purposes I painted the tabletop with black chalkboard paint, so it’s like a built in back drop. I also got a very large wood cutting board that stays on the table all the time. My kitchen aid lives on the worktable as well, due to lack of actual counter space. And because I still had room left over, I found a cute vintage bread box and added some green detailing to match my cupboard (not pictured), and my favorite cookbooks that I find myself referencing over and over again. On the walls are random findings, most from tag sales and antique shops. Bright flowers are also a staple for me, as a reminder spring is coming soon to rescue me from the freezing New England temperatures! I find that all the pictures on the walls and being surrounded by my favorite colors really helps to inspire me and push my creativity- my bedroom walls are full of artwork and photos that I’ve torn out of magazines and books, and I wanted to play on that same idea, but for the kitchen.

Pictured below are my spice cabinet, topped with a plate of things I seem to go through like crazy- onions, garlic, and a few varieties of potato. I keep this stacked on a little wire shelving unit from target, which also holds the microwave and the toaster- they’re perfectly out of the way there, but easy to access! And last but not least is the stove. My huge dutch oven sits out on it all of the time because lack of space, as well as the fact that it’s way too heavy to move around! I always keep some tools right by the stove, as well as my salt and olive oil.

What do you have in your kitchen? How do you make it feel like home, and what are some of your favorite tools?

Let me know in the comment section, and we can chat about ideas!

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7 thoughts on “tour my workspace!

  1. Hi Welcome back! Your system is very efficient. Mine is similar. I keep a ton of thin silicone spatulas around. I use them like crazy to get every last drop out of bowl or pot. I also really like lemon juicers (high juice yield, quick nd handy) and a microplane (fruit zest, nutmeg etc.) (of course) We have open shelving and I tend to put just about every pantry ingredient in glass jars, on display.- yet visible and accessible.You have achieved a very homey look, with the way you’ve arranged everything.Oh, I also keep a big box of kosher salt for salting pasta water and putting out possible grease fires. A fire extinguisher isn’t a bad thing to have around either!

  2. Awesome! Love your little wooden cupboard and the idea of the blackboard table. You might be interested in this really cool monthly roundup that I participate in called In My Kitchen, hosted by Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial. People all over the world share their recipes and treats sitting in their kitchen from that month…. its awesome for peeking into the foodie world.

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