breakfast is key!


It’s amazing what a difference thirty minutes can make in the morning. Personally, I’ve never been an early riser, and breakfast generally means a cup of coffee. If you want the best start to your day though, breakfast is key. It jump starts your metabolism and literally turns your body on. I just finished reading The Body Book by Cameron Diaz, and she did a great job explaining why this meal was so important. Your body needs its nutrients to work properly, and if you try to start your day without giving your body fuel, you’ll just lag until your next meal and will probably end up overeating when you finally do sit down for lunch!

So, I decided to take on this challenge and throw myself out of bed at 7am instead of 7:30. First I drank a huge glass of water- your body becomes dehydrated during sleep so replenishing is key! Almost immediately I felt more awake and motivated to actually make breakfast. After a quick gander in the fridge, I grabbed some eggs, spinach, and cream- that counts for protein, protein, and more protein! Instead of just a regular omelet, I wanted something a little fluffier and different so I whipped up this fusion of a quiche and a fritatta… This kept me full all morning and into the afternoon at work!




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