rustic pizza

so i don’t know about you, but the past week and a half has flown by for me. i wake up, go to school or work, come home and go to sleep. which means, i haven’t been spending nearly as much time as i usually do since starting my new job. which also means i haven’t been posting enough! so i finally forced myself to slow down and make something delicious to share with everyone! i mentioned this pizza in a past post, and it is one of my favorite foods. i found the recipe for this rustic potato pizza on green kitchen stories which is an awesome blog that has so many healthy, vegetarian option recipes. since following their blog i find that i’ve been much more adventurous in the kitchen and much more willing to try new things! anyways, on to the pizza:


the crust:

this part is fairly easy; if you don’t want to make your own crust, most grocery stores sell pizza dough premade and ready to go. if you do want to make your own pizza crust, theres a few companies that make fast acting yeast which will make this whole process a lot easier!

1 cup lukewarm water
2 tsp instant dry yeast
2 tsp sea salt
2 1/2 cup of your favorite flour (i used whole wheat)
2 tbsp olive oil

also when i was making this crust, i threw in some flaxseed meal and some whole flaxseed. it adds an interesting texture and flaxseed is awesome for you! when mixing this, you’re going to want to dissolve the yeast well in the warm water before starting to add in the other ingredients. add in most of your flour and your salt and knead the dough until it begins to come together and form a ball. if the dough is sticking to your hands you can add more flour until it is all incorporated. drizzle the dough with your olive oil and make sure the whole dough ball is covered. set the dough aside in a warm area while you prepare the rest of your pizza.

the filling:
set aside a little time for this, as well as some patience! now is the time to put your knife skills to the test and slice these ingredients very thin (or take out your mandolin!).

3 medium size firm potatoes
2 tbsp salt
4 tbsp olive oil
2 small spring onions
2 tbsp fresh rosemary, roughly chopped
100 g goat cheese (the small log or small container)
salt & black pepper

optional: a hand full of shredded mozzarella


as you’re slicing your potatoes put them in a bowl of salt and cold water, and let them sit in there while preparing the other ingredients. slice the onions very thin and chop your goat cheese. once you are done with this, check on your dough; it should have risen a bit by now! since we used instant rise yeast it does not need to sit out overnight or anything. prepare a surface with flour and begin to roll out your dough. once this is done put it on your pizza pan and brush with olive oil. if you are using the shredded mozzarella, add a thin covering to the dough. then start to take your potatoes out of the water and dry them off before arranging them on the dough. once the whole pizza is covered with potato, scatter the onion slices, rosemary, and goat cheese over the rest of it! season with salt and pepper and we are ready to bake! you want to put the oven on a really high temperature, between 475 and 500 degrees (fahrenheit). the pizza usually cooks in under twenty minutes, so i would check it at around 15 minutes and then continue baking until you reach how crunchy you want the crust. be prepared to devour this pizza in minutes!


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