a filling breakfast!

i started my new job this week, and unfortunately i don’t get a break during my four hour shift. so, to make sure i don’t get hungry while i’m working, i made sure i had a very filling, long lasting breakfast!


yesterday, i made myself a spinach and gruyere omelet with quick home fries! omelets are great because you can use up a bunch of stuff from your fridge and they’re so easy. first, i sauteed my spinach with some butter, salt, and pepper in a pan until it was wilted and dark green. then i poured 2 or 3 eggs right over the spinach and let it cook most of the way. to finish it off i added my cheese (gruyere and some ricotta) and put a lid over it to melt the cheese and cook the rest of the egg. after a couple minutes, i folded the egg over and, voila! a perfectly delicious omelet. and because i can’t just half do anything, while preparing the omelet, i had thrown some chopped potatoes in a pan with some butter, onion, rosemary, salt, pepper, and a touch of cayenne pepper. this was such a good breakfast and it lasted me all day at work.


also this weekend i made oatmeal chocolate chip pancakes. i got the idea originally from Nuts and Bolts, but ended up changing up the recipe a little bit. the main reason i did that was because i didn’t have a lot of the ingredients from that recipe, so i made a basic pancake batter i found on martha stewarts website, found here. i just eyeballed the oatmeal and chocolate chip amounts, mixed, and served! they were also very yummy, and a nice sweet treat to start the day. the oatmeal makes them much more filling than regular pancakes which was pretty cool!

i hope everyone had a great weekend!


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